How To Get Your Video On Google’s First Page

Google rankings are extremely vital

Originally published in The Huffington Post  uk

Four simple rules that can do magic
For those interested in investing in video marketing and creating such content, an obvious goal is to have their video ranked as high as possible on Google’s first page. This is a major objective in the overall business or sales strategy every one of us have probably set for our businesses. We have come to learn that not being on Google’s first page means you are yet another unknown in the long and endless slate of websites. This is definitely true. Honestly speaking, none of us have the time, or even the patience, to take into consideration any 2nd page search results.

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Enhancing Content Marketing With Videos

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The power of content marketing combined with video

Originally published in The Huffington Post  uk

Online marketing in today’s world has become extremely competitive, indeed. This compels us to discover new methods to make what we have to offer, be it a product or service, standout from the crowd. Otherwise, rest assured we will find ourselves completely overwhelmed by digital voices that are enormously louder, more powerful and honestly, more attractive than what we may have to offer. One such key aspect to maintaining a relevant presence online is to use videos to “marketise,” if you will, your business.

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Need-to-know statistics about digital marketing

Vast potential seen in digital marketing

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A huge industry by the name of digital marketing is booming extensively these days as 80% of all consumers are conducting their product research online. With 2016 winding down you need to blueprint a serious digital marketing strategy for the coming year. For starters, a few statistics would do good to take into consideration and open some eyes.

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Nearly all of us are involved in at least one type of marketing to enhance our business opportunities and revenue. Marketing in any way for our brand(s), business(es) and even ourselves is considered absolutely crucial in this day and age when people are spending most of their minutes and hours online, and less in real-life relationships. Continue reading “HOW VIDEO MARKETING CAN HELP YOU REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR BRAND & BUSINESS”