The Economic And Social Media Aspect Of Donald Trump’s Victory

Donald Trump and Governor Mike Pence
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump

Originally published in The Huffington Post

Democrats and Republicans alike, parallel to big corporate media across the United States, were nearly 100% certain Hillary Clinton would be the first women elected into White House.
The percentage was somewhere near 98%. Yet Donald Trump proved them flat wrong with a mantra of making America great again. And now, there is a wide economic and social media perspective to review.

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Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, November 6, 2016

Eye on technology background.
The increasing threat of cyber attacks

As we wind down ever closer to what is becoming probably the most bizarre U.S. presidential election in modern history, there is huge controversy around cyber-security news and other types of text including the words “Clinton” or “Trump” in the body, let alone the headline. The political circle of the internet was literally exploding in response to a report issued by Slate last week claiming the Trump organization had been using a secret server to establish communication with a Russian bank. However, just as quick came the debunking of the entire matter by the same cyber-security community. Continue reading “Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, November 6, 2016”

Social media playing major role in Clinton Vs Trump election


Many people these days are turning to social media platforms to have their expressions heard and learn whatever they need to know about each of the candidates in the much heated U.S. presidential elections. The second presidential debate held just recently has rapidly raised concerns, and attention, in this regard, with the third and final faceoff scheduled for October 19th. Continue reading “Social media playing major role in Clinton Vs Trump election”

Last week in cyber-security – Monday, October 3, 2016


This week we witnessed a continuation of growing concern around the concept of potential election tampering in the United States. The FBI was able to find evidence about hackers evaluating the defensive capabilities of voter registries across the country, and maybe more interestingly, stalking on a number of Democratic Party officials and hacking into their cell phones. Continue reading “Last week in cyber-security – Monday, October 3, 2016”