How To Get Your Video On Google’s First Page

Google rankings are extremely vital

Originally published in The Huffington Post  uk

Four simple rules that can do magic
For those interested in investing in video marketing and creating such content, an obvious goal is to have their video ranked as high as possible on Google’s first page. This is a major objective in the overall business or sales strategy every one of us have probably set for our businesses. We have come to learn that not being on Google’s first page means you are yet another unknown in the long and endless slate of websites. This is definitely true. Honestly speaking, none of us have the time, or even the patience, to take into consideration any 2nd page search results.

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How Fintech Can Truly Make You Successful?

Major potential seen in fintech industry

Originally posted in The Huffington Post  uk

The financial service industry is literally undergoing a major revolution due to the rise in Fintech. However, before getting too excited we need to understand that fintech start-ups are similarly vulnerable as other new features in different industries. This is all despite the brouhaha currently heard about in trending topics around fintech and other new and advancing technologies. A very important question that has emerged is what factor is currently differentiating the winners from those already losing out?

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What Cybersecurity Experts Can Learn From The Gaming Industry


Originally published in The Huffington Post uk

By Ben Dickson
Software Engineer and Tech Blogger at Tech Talks. Follow him @bendee983

The cybersecurity industry seems to be heading toward dire straits as data breaches grow in size and number every year, while in tandem, monitoring networks is becoming ever more challenging with internet traffic increasing at an accelerating pace.

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