Cyber security concerns increase need for private wireless data networks

Internet of Things

Originally published in Independent Australia

THE USE of private wireless networks to provide for utilities and other aspects of critical industries have become more important than ever before, as the need for a medium to defend in the face of cyber-attacks escalates.

Recent large scale hacks have raised new awareness regarding possible cyber-attacks that have the potential of stalling operations and even bringing down small and large portions of the electric grid in the United States and elsewhere. Continue reading “Cyber security concerns increase need for private wireless data networks”


Finance Modernised By Bitcoin – Part 2

Bitcoin set to sensationalize finance

Originally published in The Huffington Post   uk

After discussing how bitcoin is modernising finance as we know it and digging deep into the impact on the banking industry, how we are paying for goods and services, and the decentralisation of exchanges made between individuals and businesses, we are set to get into more details about the future of bitcoin in our way of life.

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Big Data set to revolutionize retail industry

The unlimited potential of Big Data

Originally published in FINMAPS

When talking about where retail will go in the future there tends to be speculation about drones flying above our heads and simply delivering packages at our front doors only minutes after we place an order through an app. In such a perspective the old-school retail stores are considered completely outdated and belonging maybe in a museum. Continue reading “Big Data set to revolutionize retail industry”

Is Blockchain The Next Tech Revolution?

What is the potential of blockchain

Originally published in The Huffington Post

Amongst various circles discussing new technologies these days the subject of blockchain will most definitely be the hottest topic of all. With 2017 just around the corner, blockchain technology has already been listed amongst the top in many different upcoming tech surveys. Continue reading “Is Blockchain The Next Tech Revolution?”

Burr-Feinsten bill can spark new round of “Crypto Wars”

New episode on “Crypto Wars”

Originally published in BankTechAsia

For a few months we witnessed Apple battling the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the United States over a demand raised by the agency involving the tech giant providing support on cracking its own line of encryption. The law enforcement and tech communities both hoped Congress would play a major role in blueprinting a compromise. Continue reading “Burr-Feinsten bill can spark new round of “Crypto Wars””

Is The Rise In Technology Worth The Unemployment Side-Effect?


Originally published in The Huffington Post  uk

Searches in Google, finding friends through Facebook, amazing apps on our even more amazing iPhones, rants on Twitter and being able to buy simply anything on Amazon have all been made possible thanks to major leaps forward in technology over the past 15 years. However, at what price?

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Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, October 23, 2016


As WikiLeaks continues to leak extensive and highly damaging e-mails, group leader Julian Assange saw his Internet access cut off by the Ecuadorian embassy in London despite finding refuge there from 2012 onward. Continue reading “Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, October 23, 2016”