How To Get Your Video On Google’s First Page

Google rankings are extremely vital

Originally published in The Huffington Post  uk

Four simple rules that can do magic
For those interested in investing in video marketing and creating such content, an obvious goal is to have their video ranked as high as possible on Google’s first page. This is a major objective in the overall business or sales strategy every one of us have probably set for our businesses. We have come to learn that not being on Google’s first page means you are yet another unknown in the long and endless slate of websites. This is definitely true. Honestly speaking, none of us have the time, or even the patience, to take into consideration any 2nd page search results.

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Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, November 6, 2016

Eye on technology background.
The increasing threat of cyber attacks

As we wind down ever closer to what is becoming probably the most bizarre U.S. presidential election in modern history, there is huge controversy around cyber-security news and other types of text including the words “Clinton” or “Trump” in the body, let alone the headline. The political circle of the internet was literally exploding in response to a report issued by Slate last week claiming the Trump organization had been using a secret server to establish communication with a Russian bank. However, just as quick came the debunking of the entire matter by the same cyber-security community. Continue reading “Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, November 6, 2016”

Last week in cybersecurity – Monday, October 17, 2016


Reports regarding a nuclear power plant becoming the target of a cyber-attack has raised eyebrows across the board. But of course, with the all the headlines involving the U.S. elections these days, these news briefs may have actually gone unnoticed by many.

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Not investing in SEO means shooting yourself in the foot


Millions of brand names across the globe are now using the scientific process of search engine optimization. All organizations and companies, big or small, understand very well that investing in SEO is simply an undeniable must in order to compete in today’s digital market. Understanding the importance of this matter, top brands have allocated millions and dedicated entire departments to enhance and maintain their position in search engines. If a company like Apple–with its billions in profit already pouring in–is investing in SEO, shouldn’t you? Continue reading “Not investing in SEO means shooting yourself in the foot”

Last week in cyber-security – Monday, October 10, 2016


It is simply unforgettable how the hack against Yahoo compromised at least 500 million email accounts. And now Verizon is seeking a $1bn discount on the $4.8bn takeover deal, citing lack of transparency after one of the largest hacking breaches in industry history, according to the New York Post. And this was just the beginning for Yahoo and other cyber-security issues last week.

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Is the future of intelligence found in “Uber knowledge?”


Imagining the act of monetizing assets that are immaterial, knowledge for example, is completely possible, as proven by Uber and Airbnb. Is it possible or not? They make networks available and then go on to monetize lesser used physical assets. Again, is it possible? Continue reading “Is the future of intelligence found in “Uber knowledge?””

Behold the new Google translating machine


Anyone who has in any way been involved in interpretation and translation understands the difficult nature of translating between two languages, considering all the different words, phrases, and most importantly the culture reservations in many cases. With that in mind, think of trying to invent a system that actually carries out all these tasks automatically. This is certainly a major challenge indeed. Continue reading “Behold the new Google translating machine”