How content marketing does magic in escalating blog traffic – Part 1


Fully embracing content marketing is a vital necessity if you seek to escalate traffic in your blog. There are plenty of tools, apps and software available out there to help you achieve amazing success in business. Monthly app/mobile web usage is significantly on the rise, especially when considering apps. People are spending 89% of their time on media using mobile apps, according to Smart Insights. Apps can easily help you create and automatically distribute your content, increase the speed of your website and make content marketing a lot of fun (and of course, profitable). Continue reading “How content marketing does magic in escalating blog traffic – Part 1”


Does your government have the right to demand your DNA?


Considering the ever growing terror threats in today’s world, would you allow your government to start collecting DNA samples of the entire population? Well, Kuwait has already started its campaign of storing DNA samples of not just the 3.5 million population, but also any visitor entering the country. Continue reading “Does your government have the right to demand your DNA?”

Do we welcome the notion of “smart cities”?


Are we prepared to allow artificial intelligence gain increasing knowledge of our personal data, and ultimately obtain control over all aspects of our daily lives for the sake of making life easier through technological advances? We are living in a day and age where more voices are heard demanding further control and greater protection over how our data is collected and placed into use. Continue reading “Do we welcome the notion of “smart cities”?”

How Affiliate Marketing Helps “Marketize” Your Mobile App

4580058581_68b3c7ea12_oDropbox is a very good example of a brand name going from struggling and dragging to all-out boom in sales. A few years ago very few had heard about a trademark that is valued at over $10 billion with a whopping number of over 500 million users across the globe. In the dawn of this particular app surfacing into the outside world, as the company was barely able to absorb new users, the geniuses behind Dropbox decided to propose a new referral system encouraging standing users to begin inviting new users. Continue reading “How Affiliate Marketing Helps “Marketize” Your Mobile App”

Teen hacks U.S. gov servers as fears over elections hacking intensify

At a time when concerns are escalating regarding foreign hackers backed by various countries delivering severely embarrassing blows to the United States by hacking sensitive political data, a report recently surfaced claims a teen hacker with the alias “Fear” has easily managed to get his hands on several hundred U.S. government-owned FTP servers. Can any reasonable authority guarantee to the U.S. general public the upcoming presidential elections will not be hacked in favor of a particular candidate? Can anyone guarantee U.S. elections have not suffered such attacks in the past, with the government keeping a lid on the matters to avoid a major internal embarrassment fiasco?

Continue reading “Teen hacks U.S. gov servers as fears over elections hacking intensify”

Did NYPD go too far in sending a push alert for a manhunt?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Yet should there be reservations and limitations?

4400415668_54e5353d0f_bAs New Yorkers were heading to work on the morning of Monday, September 19th, they saw their cellphones chiming all at once across the entire city. This was no hack or childish prank. A dissonant siren, repeated six times in total, was sent out along with a short and yet alarming note reading: “WANTED: Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28-yr-old male. See media for pic. Call 9-1-1 if seen.” Continue reading “Did NYPD go too far in sending a push alert for a manhunt?”