Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, November 13, 2016


The future of cybersecurity is gloomy, to say the least


As the world begins to digest Donald Trump’s shocking victory in the U.S. presidential elections, in this piece I will try to capture the meaning of such a major development for the world of cybersecurity. Continue reading “Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, November 13, 2016”


How To Get Your Video On Google’s First Page

Google rankings are extremely vital

Originally published in The Huffington Post  uk

Four simple rules that can do magic
For those interested in investing in video marketing and creating such content, an obvious goal is to have their video ranked as high as possible on Google’s first page. This is a major objective in the overall business or sales strategy every one of us have probably set for our businesses. We have come to learn that not being on Google’s first page means you are yet another unknown in the long and endless slate of websites. This is definitely true. Honestly speaking, none of us have the time, or even the patience, to take into consideration any 2nd page search results.

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Cyber security concerns increase need for private wireless data networks

Internet of Things

Originally published in Independent Australia

THE USE of private wireless networks to provide for utilities and other aspects of critical industries have become more important than ever before, as the need for a medium to defend in the face of cyber-attacks escalates.

Recent large scale hacks have raised new awareness regarding possible cyber-attacks that have the potential of stalling operations and even bringing down small and large portions of the electric grid in the United States and elsewhere. Continue reading “Cyber security concerns increase need for private wireless data networks”

Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, November 6, 2016

Eye on technology background.
The increasing threat of cyber attacks

As we wind down ever closer to what is becoming probably the most bizarre U.S. presidential election in modern history, there is huge controversy around cyber-security news and other types of text including the words “Clinton” or “Trump” in the body, let alone the headline. The political circle of the internet was literally exploding in response to a report issued by Slate last week claiming the Trump organization had been using a secret server to establish communication with a Russian bank. However, just as quick came the debunking of the entire matter by the same cyber-security community. Continue reading “Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday, November 6, 2016”

Last week in cybersecurity – Sunday October 30, 2016

Cybersecurity concers growing as we speak

News of cybersecurity developments were skyrocketing last week, with a row in Ukraine topping the list. Cyber Hunta is the name of a Ukrainian group that on October 28th went as far as releasing the emails of close aides to Russian President Vladimir Putin, proving how Moscow immensely influenced the separatists causing havoc in eastern Ukraine. Analysts are viewing this as a retaliation attack by Washington in response to Russian political hacking of various servers in the U.S.

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How Fintech Can Truly Make You Successful?

Major potential seen in fintech industry

Originally posted in The Huffington Post  uk

The financial service industry is literally undergoing a major revolution due to the rise in Fintech. However, before getting too excited we need to understand that fintech start-ups are similarly vulnerable as other new features in different industries. This is all despite the brouhaha currently heard about in trending topics around fintech and other new and advancing technologies. A very important question that has emerged is what factor is currently differentiating the winners from those already losing out?

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