Finance Modernised By Bitcoin – Part 2

Bitcoin set to sensationalize finance

Originally published in The Huffington Post   uk

After discussing how bitcoin is modernising finance as we know it and digging deep into the impact on the banking industry, how we are paying for goods and services, and the decentralisation of exchanges made between individuals and businesses, we are set to get into more details about the future of bitcoin in our way of life.

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Finance Modernised By Bitcoin – Part 1

Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins
Bitcoin is enhancing & modernising the world of finance

Originally published in The Huffington Post

Economies have controlled almost all aspects of human life ever since money was introduced to society. Money makes the world go around and money is power, and power is money. Any escaping of this principle is nearly an impossible effort, unless of course, you have chosen to live in the wild. The backbone of history’s most powerful nations and countries has been none other than economies based on civil societies. No complex markets to breed innovation would ever exist without a mutual agreement amongst all mankind-although deceptive-to believe money has actual value as physically touchable products or tangible services do.

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How Fintech Can Truly Make You Successful?

Major potential seen in fintech industry

Originally posted in The Huffington Post  uk

The financial service industry is literally undergoing a major revolution due to the rise in Fintech. However, before getting too excited we need to understand that fintech start-ups are similarly vulnerable as other new features in different industries. This is all despite the brouhaha currently heard about in trending topics around fintech and other new and advancing technologies. A very important question that has emerged is what factor is currently differentiating the winners from those already losing out?

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Economies, ecosystems & smaller entities undergoing major change by blockchains


Originally published in  finmaps-logo

For anyone who has ever been involved in real-estate transactions, they completely understand how complex and complicated the entire process can be. The unending number of parties involved from day one to the finish line can be incredible, including the likes of banks, brokers, government tax authorities, insurance companies, land registries and other intermediaries. Of course, there is always the threat of realizing that the property seller is not the actual owner of the property up for sale. For your information, title insurance is not available in all countries across the globe. Continue reading “Economies, ecosystems & smaller entities undergoing major change by blockchains”

Facts you must know about the Internet of Things


Originally published in finmaps-logo

In today’s world we are witnessing how the Internet of Things is expanding rapidly and how it is here to stay. The Internet of Thing (IoT), or as some prefer it, the Internet of Everything (IoE), is the reference to various objects or devices that are connected to the expanding global network known as the Internet. Continue reading “Facts you must know about the Internet of Things”

Did Apple do anything wrong?


Originally posted  in Independent Australia – October 2nd, 2016

MAYBE APPLE’S TAX avoidance was completely by the book. Maybe not.

With Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claiming he was actually “smart” not to pay taxes for many years, the question that comes to mind is did Apple do anything wrong in avoiding billions in taxes in Europe?

Apple claims to have abided all the rules and regulations of the European Commission, and the U.S. government has found itself involved in a dispute with the European Union. There are also experts saying the EC is actually over-reacting and over-reaching in this regard.

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