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Finance Modernised By Bitcoin – Part 2

Bitcoin set to sensationalize finance

Originally published in The Huffington Post   uk

After discussing how bitcoin is modernising finance as we know it and digging deep into the impact on the banking industry, how we are paying for goods and services, and the decentralisation of exchanges made between individuals and businesses, we are set to get into more details about the future of bitcoin in our way of life.

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Finance Modernised By Bitcoin – Part 1

Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins
Bitcoin is enhancing & modernising the world of finance

Originally published in The Huffington Post

Economies have controlled almost all aspects of human life ever since money was introduced to society. Money makes the world go around and money is power, and power is money. Any escaping of this principle is nearly an impossible effort, unless of course, you have chosen to live in the wild. The backbone of history’s most powerful nations and countries has been none other than economies based on civil societies. No complex markets to breed innovation would ever exist without a mutual agreement amongst all mankind-although deceptive-to believe money has actual value as physically touchable products or tangible services do.

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Enhancing Content Marketing With Videos

hand press play button sign to start or initiate projects as con
The power of content marketing combined with video

Originally published in The Huffington Post  uk

Online marketing in today’s world has become extremely competitive, indeed. This compels us to discover new methods to make what we have to offer, be it a product or service, standout from the crowd. Otherwise, rest assured we will find ourselves completely overwhelmed by digital voices that are enormously louder, more powerful and honestly, more attractive than what we may have to offer. One such key aspect to maintaining a relevant presence online is to use videos to “marketise,” if you will, your business.

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Need-to-know statistics about digital marketing

Vast potential seen in digital marketing

Originally published in FINMAPS   finmaps-logo

A huge industry by the name of digital marketing is booming extensively these days as 80% of all consumers are conducting their product research online. With 2016 winding down you need to blueprint a serious digital marketing strategy for the coming year. For starters, a few statistics would do good to take into consideration and open some eyes.

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Big Data set to revolutionize retail industry

The unlimited potential of Big Data

Originally published in FINMAPS

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Is Blockchain The Next Tech Revolution?

What is the potential of blockchain

Originally published in The Huffington Post

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