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Vast potential seen in digital marketing

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A huge industry by the name of digital marketing is booming extensively these days as 80% of all consumers are conducting their product research online. With 2016 winding down you need to blueprint a serious digital marketing strategy for the coming year. For starters, a few statistics would do good to take into consideration and open some eyes.


Instagram is a social media medium expanding in amazing numbers. And it is no longer considered just a platform where teenagers are sharing photos. By the beginning of 2018 over 70% of all businesses will have a presence on Instagram, with over 400 million users sharing information each month. A whopping 70% of these users are busy searching for various brands, showing the potential in this website. Increasing your presence on Instagram by placing posts on a daily basis and hashtags based on specific brands will allow you to take in the most of this booming traffic.

Marketing budget

In 2016 digital marketing reached a point of comprising 35% of all marketing budgets. Inbound marketing of content focus nature is the direction to be taken in the future, if not already. In order to take advantage of growing spending, you must focus your energy on targeting the digital channels favored by your audience and developing content specifically for those platforms.

Web traffic analytics

An increasing number of B2B marketers are measuring and weighing their success through web traffic analytics. To be exact, 60% of all B2B marketers have adopted such practices. Web metrics are being used more often by companies in their effort to monitor their success on a constant basis. You will need to prepare your analytics tools, as they were used in 2016 by many, and more will definitely be jumping into the bandwagon in 2017.


Twitter users in high number–two out of three–have said they will most likely buy a product from the brands they are currently following. Consider automating your tweets and refresh the content you are posting several times a day. All this is aimed at making the most of following your favorite brand names.

High close rate

SEO-generated leads are boasting a close rate of 14.6%. The traffic gained from SEO always closes at a rate extremely higher than traffic of outbound nature. Therefore, it is a clever move to pinpoint your content of SEO nature and the sharing you do on social media.

Above 1,500 words

Posts containing over 1,500 words have proven their quality as they have earned nearly 70% more tweets as a result. In comparison to those posts containing of criteria of less than 1,500 words, more tweets are flocking towards content enjoying more above the 1,500 word line. Such posts also enjoy 22.6% more shares on Facebook.

Video marketing

An ordinary consumer is known to watch over 200 minutes of video on a daily basis. This huge amount of time is equally split between old-fashioned TV sets and video on the web. There is a definite need to take advantage of this. To do so, you have to focus on developing visual content of high quality as much as you can. Remember, a word is a word. A picture is a thousand words. And a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Think of that.


The second search engine in today’s world, enjoying a huge amount of traffic, is none other than YouTube. Meaning it is far more powerful than Ask, AOL, Bing and Yahoo combined. Keeping this in mind, you need to establish a presence based on a brand on YouTube and begin blueprinting a specific calendar of video content.

Massive Google search

The users on Google are known to conduct over 100 billion searches each month. This makes Google the main and probably the most massive source of traffic on the web. Marketers are able to take advantage of this by calibrating their attention on SEO and various platforms of social media.

Promoted Tweets

A promoted Tweet is much more likely to gain the attention and interaction of Twitter users. 1.4 times more to be exact. The Conversion Lift service provided by Twitter has enabled brands to follow up on their tweets that have been promoted and actually measure interaction by users. A much better performance is seen in promoted Tweets in comparison to regular tweets. This harsh reality should be taken into consideration by each and every digital marketing strategist.

If you are seeking to gain even more success in 2017, consider keeping these numbers in mind. Rest assured they will provide very interesting support.


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