Not investing in SEO means shooting yourself in the foot


Millions of brand names across the globe are now using the scientific process of search engine optimization. All organizations and companies, big or small, understand very well that investing in SEO is simply an undeniable must in order to compete in today’s digital market. Understanding the importance of this matter, top brands have allocated millions and dedicated entire departments to enhance and maintain their position in search engines. If a company like Apple–with its billions in profit already pouring in–is investing in SEO, shouldn’t you?

Although SEO is quite popular, like everything else in life it does come with its own set of specific drawbacks. Some consider it an unnecessary expense added to their already tight budget, while others view it as a modern day staple and vital necessity to upgrade business marketing.

Many businesses are truly confused about the sheer topic of search engine optimization, and others have completely been put off. That is why it shouldn’t be surprising at all to know that many have chosen to avoid it in entirety.


Despite the fact that a brand name can probably survive without entering the field of SEO activities, the reasons not to actually ignore SEO is by far plenty.

Are you still unsure about launching SEO activities? Having questions about it being worth it in the long run? Are you seeking more from the budget you have allocated for your online marketing? Would it be wise this year for your business to invest in SEO, or should you wait for now?

8 reasons to launch SEO investments very soon

  • Advertising with enhanced targeting

SEO provides you the opportunity to focus your efforts on targeting those who constantly seek your product or service. For example, differing from Facebook, those using Google are usually ready to begin purchasing when they start searching.

  • You must be there as your customers expect it

Google and other search engines will be where your customers are searching for you, and you better have some kind of presence there. Your business could actually be completely invisible in search engines if you haven’t invested on SEO. It is like having a website in the ocean we call the Internet, without anyone having any way of finding you.

  • It doesn’t cost much

Complicated and expensive is a reputation wrongly inherited by SEO. While traditional websites maybe experiencing such difficulties, Google has like always come up with a method to make life easy, and SEO even easier for smaller and more local businesses. If you are seeking success by realizing top rankings in your local small town, city or even state, you have to believe that it is easier than one would think!

You are not in need of a whopping six figure SEO budget to have something to say and compete on a national level.

  • Going farther beyond Google

SEO most probably has a role in whatever platform you may be marketing in. Despite the fact that SEO is very much linked and connected to Google, it doesn’t mean it is limited to this portal. Amazon, Facebook and YouTube have all actually become search engines, using similar methods to rank content as Google or Bing do in their business. If appearing higher in these sites is your goal, you will need to start optimizing your content in similar methods.

This still considers to be SEO, and we should remember that SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” and not “Google Optimization,” as some may put it.


  • The growth of search

The growing use of mobile devices has made searching for anything and anywhere at any time all the more easier and even more convenient. The phone book is no longer where your customers are looking for you. In fact, their smartphones is their direct destination, and from there to a search engine.

  • Directing traffic continuously to your website

Once your search position has been improved, you can start expecting traffic on a residual bases coming to you from search engines. This doesn’t need constant maintenance by your part. For instance, an ad using pay per click only renders traffic based on your payments. However, once you have made results using SEO it allows you to sit back and enjoy the traffic rolling in.

Considering the fact that you can target the keywords of your choice and those you seek to rank high in, you are ensured that a qualified lead will be actively searching for your product or service.

  • Changing positions

If you have good rankings for now that doesn’t mean you should assume you are safe and sound. And it definitely doesn’t mean that your audience will continue to be there a year later.

Constantly evolving is the nature of SEO. If you fail to continuously invest the time and money needed, you could actually lose your customers to those competitors that are doing what you are not in SEO.

  • Investment pays off

SEO has proven to be amongst the best investments to return on your money, especially in comparison to other types of online marketing platforms and techniques. More money may actually be generated in the short term through Pay Per Click, but enjoying this privilege will force you to dig deep into your pockets. If sustainable and long term results are what you are looking for, investing in SEO is what you should be thinking about.

No better timing than now to invest in SEO

There has never been a timing like this where it has been so vital for businesses to place their money and investments in search engine optimization. In different cases consumers choose to remain inside the search results for their answers. This means if you are not present there, you will definitely be losing. Like it or not, this is part of today’s harsh reality.

What is the value of highly targeted leads for your business endeavors? Hasn’t the time arrived for you and your business to begin your SEO investment process?



Author: techmoralitics

I am a tech analyst specializing in the political and moral perspectives of today’s innovative world. I also have 7 years of experience as a news writer. I also worked as an anchorman at a TV station for 3 years. I also have an expertise in voice recordings for various reports and special video clips. I have also recently written many op-eds and articles as a ghost writer in various websites including Newsmax, The Hill, ArabNews, American Thinker, Canada Free Press and ...

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