New consumer generation facing digital dilemmas


We have to now embrace and welcome in the Z Generation. There is no need for confusion as this is the generation following Generation X (usually born from the mid-1960s to early 1980s and dubbed by many as the Friends generation). However, they may also be the children of parents from the millennial era, known as the Generation Ys.

Describing themselves as digital natives, Generation Zs are the first to open their eyes in a world of internet technology and the fast growing market of smartphones. This new generation of consumers include pre-teens and teens who are literally taking information in an amazingly instantaneous manner, and yet losing interest at an alarmingly similar rate. Renowned director Lucie Greene has called this generation as ‘millennials on steroids,’ and they are shaping into a mysterious puzzle, with market researchers racing to learn more about them.

6349579353_6d97c58b7c_bForecasters following various trends are anxiously researching and collecting data on such a potentially profitable consumer generation. This includes their hesitations and the variety of choices they make, providing an in-depth view about their lives in the digital world. The dilemmas of this generation and the digital direction they have chosen as their path forward are also subjects of intense research.

An end to sharing everything

For the millennial generation, they remember very well when Facebook entered their lives. They were continuing their studies in school and were at first hesitant to sign up to a somewhat strange website encouraging people to invite friends online to join other friends, and so on. This generation was anxiously jumping directly into networking platforms without having the slightest clue of what they were doing. Many now are regretting all the data they shared online, knowing now, not then, such data is very hard to simply delete.

Generation Z, however, has learned to trek wisely, taking their steps cautiously and placing high importance in privacy issues. Of course, they have not revolted against social media altogether, which would be to their own disadvantage. However, they have adapted their lives and decided to take a role as unique digital individuals. All this comes down to the fact that they are not interested in Facebook or Twitter. Instagram and SnapChat are the applications of their choice as they provide the ability to share chosen media with a specified group of friends, and continue to maintain privacy and a strong personal trademark, if you will.


Watching replacing reading

Reading articles is something of the past for Generation Z, and the truth is they are also not interested in listicles. Born into a world of screens from day one, it is quite obvious that this generation provide us only seconds of their precious time, meaning they prefer video content to obtain their information. They also would rather express their viewpoints in a visual matter, such as through emojis, snapchat images and short videos, such as 6-second vines.

Which generation is better?

Today, teens have before them many more opportunities in comparison to millennials. Uncountable mobile apps and websites are available to assist them in monetizing their skills and easily find work as freelancers. Generation Z is producing fresh content from articles, podcasts and videos at a massive rate never seen, or imagined, before. Just think, 400 hours of footage is uploaded on YouTube each second. And they even go on promoting their own work with high efficiency. Imagine being smart enough to use a variety of social media platforms to advertise your work for free. This has gained Generation Z the title of being the most wisely entrepreneurial generation yet to come.

Our lives these days are closely integrated with innovation. There was a time when technology needed a decade to place forward a new upgrade. But now, members of generations X, Y and Z are experiencing updates every 1 to 2 years. This at times makes keeping one’s tech life up to date very expensive indeed. These significant changes have also had their impacts on human attitude in its entirety. Generations are even made shorter due to this factor. All in all, we will forever be in need of discovering new methods to set aside digital dilemmas and guarantee we and all humanity emerge as wiser beings as individuals and as a society as a whole.



Author: techmoralitics

I am a tech analyst specializing in the political and moral perspectives of today’s innovative world. I also have 7 years of experience as a news writer. I also worked as an anchorman at a TV station for 3 years. I also have an expertise in voice recordings for various reports and special video clips. I have also recently written many op-eds and articles as a ghost writer in various websites including Newsmax, The Hill, ArabNews, American Thinker, Canada Free Press and ...

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