How content marketing does magic in escalating blog traffic – Part 1


Fully embracing content marketing is a vital necessity if you seek to escalate traffic in your blog. There are plenty of tools, apps and software available out there to help you achieve amazing success in business. Monthly app/mobile web usage is significantly on the rise, especially when considering apps. People are spending 89% of their time on media using mobile apps, according to Smart Insights. Apps can easily help you create and automatically distribute your content, increase the speed of your website and make content marketing a lot of fun (and of course, profitable).

69% of all B2B organization objectives are placing lead generation as their target, according to statistics released by ExactTarget. Apps have been collecting more precise “intent,” as reported by smart marketers. This includes data from visitors that provide more adequate personalization features. As one piece of advice, use apps if you are seeking your targeted audience to actually appreciate the content you have authored after doing extensive research.

This two-part post will be providing in-depth details in this regard.

Quality Content

In this day and age where competition can be quite stiff, what will no longer suffice is good content. The content you write must be above average, considering the fact that the audience you are targeting has most definitely become smarter and knows better. Content that solve their problems is a main subject of their desperate searches.

You can easily brand the content of your writing to fit your target audience by using content marketing apps. Content marketing is pushing aside traditional advertising – therefore, the faster you get serious about this issue, the better the outcomes you will receive for your business.

A research study conducted by BitQuirky came up with eye-opening results. 72% of digital marketers believe branded content is far more effective in comparison to traditional magazine advertisement. An exclusive survey has recently been carried out by Tumblr and WPP aimed to clarify what readers are actually seeking on social media networks. Surprisingly, content is the main subject they are after. Rest assured that you can only claim your content is “high quality” when readers provide such feedback or start benefiting from it.


Establishing Relationships

Taking advantage of powerful social media mediums can allow you to expand your social outreach and escalate your online credibility. However, these tools will never take the place of establishing real relationships and sitting down and answering questions. Social media tools will not respond to questions raised by your followers, while they can be very useful for other tasks. You are encouraged to seek and use such tools, yet never forget to keep your eyes on the main targeting of establishing relationships. This is the true definition behind content marketing.

Old Fashioned Reading

If your goal is to leave a mark in the highly competitive world out there, you simply have to spend real time reading on a wide scale and be effective. You may not believe it but leadership has a benchmark called reading. Reading extensively provides you the ability to dissolve a writer’s block. You will find out how important it is to open your mind to every possible new information, whether or not the material – in whatever form – that you are reading is even relevant to your field of work. For a true writer that seeks success, every single bit of information and data plays the role of an inspiration.

Use Tools

Having the right tools will allow you to really have fun (seriously) in content marketing. Your budget may not allow you to launch a top-tier team to monitor your progress on a constant basis, but you will most definitely be able to leverage tools. This is a very important issue to keep in mind as it’s becoming more and more difficult these days to use traditional advertising mediums to connect with the audience of your intention.

Different models are being used to connect with your brand, and one major asset in this regard is social media networks. PricewaterhouseCoopers has conducted a research study projecting the annual newspaper publishing revenue from 2013 to 2018 will continuously fall while we will be witnessing a major boom in online publishing.

You will on a daily basis be in need of analytics, insights, reports and much, much more to properly deploy the content strategy you have set out, establish qualified leads and elevate your revenue. However, this will be a difficult task without the proper tool as you will be forced to manually extract such vital metrics.

Strategy and Tactics

Documenting your strategy is crucial when seeking the ultimate results from your content marketing campaigns. 43% of B2C marketers having a documented strategy consider their work as effective, as specified by Content Marketing Institute. This is against 33% of B2C marketers who fall short of documenting their strategy.

Another key issue is the use of long-tail keywords. When you have such customer insights at your disposal allowing them to conduct their searches with, including social engagements and user intent, you will be able to effectively optimize your blog and escalate its organic traffic.



Each and every content marketer loyal to their field of work has an ultimate task: research. If you intend to increase your blog traffic and are serious about it, establishing content backed by data is a very effective method to stand out from the rest of the pack and prove your expertise to all.

Linking to authoritative sites is one way to increase the forecasted value of your content. When this is achieved, your readers will be benefiting from your authored content and start sharing it. Remember this one important law: people are sharing useful content more than anything else on the web.

The challenge for most people lies in coming up with accurate actionable data. One method is to read books or look to another firm for a case study. However, using search engines is the easiest method to obtain data, relevant information and scholar/expert level opinions on the subject of your intention.

Last Word

We discussed the basics and building blocks of how content marketing works and how it can improve your blog’s traffic. While new-tech tools can decrease the time create quality content, nothing can replace seemingly old-fashioned methods that have proven vital in this field of work. Any serious blogger respects these principles and remains loyal to the proven building blocks of content marketing. And those who have skipped these imperative steps have seen their effort, and money, needlessly wasted.

In Part 2 we will crunch into how to upgrade your blogging and provide insight into the latest experience obtained by successful bloggers.


Author: techmoralitics

I am a tech analyst specializing in the political and moral perspectives of today’s innovative world. I also have 7 years of experience as a news writer. I also worked as an anchorman at a TV station for 3 years. I also have an expertise in voice recordings for various reports and special video clips. I have also recently written many op-eds and articles as a ghost writer in various websites including Newsmax, The Hill, ArabNews, American Thinker, Canada Free Press and ...

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