How Affiliate Marketing Helps “Marketize” Your Mobile App

4580058581_68b3c7ea12_oDropbox is a very good example of a brand name going from struggling and dragging to all-out boom in sales. A few years ago very few had heard about a trademark that is valued at over $10 billion with a whopping number of over 500 million users across the globe. In the dawn of this particular app surfacing into the outside world, as the company was barely able to absorb new users, the geniuses behind Dropbox decided to propose a new referral system encouraging standing users to begin inviting new users. The end-result was, and remains, mind-boggling. Referrals skyrocketed by an amazing 60%, and continued this trend on a constant basis, as explained by Dropbox founder Drew Houston. In a mere 15 months Dropbox was able to escalate the number of its users from 100,000 to a 4 million, never looking back in the process. They can thank their referral strategy for providing them the over half a billion users they currently enjoy.

If you have the intention of expanding your mobile app user numbers on an extremely wide scale, leveraging the power of referrals may perhaps be the most vital measure you take. And this can only be made possible on a truly effective scale through affiliate marketing.

An eye-opening 61% of people run into new apps through referrals, according to data provided by Nielsen. To make things even more interesting, referrals have proven to be one of the main sources of app adoption, as explained by nearly every study carried out about app discovery. Referrals are quite easily considered the main source of app discovery, especially when you include family and friends, and third parties, making such referrals.

Affiliate marketing is by far one of the smartest methods to “marketize” your app. You will also witness your engagement rates boost, alongside the capability of providing massive growth for your app. 21% of users who previously set aside an app are enticed to restart their use when they see family, friends and people they actually know use and recommend the app, according to a recent study released by Google/Ipsos.

Affiliate marketing is a very good option for those considering to launch a basically free and effective approach to gain explosive growth for your mobile app.

The Nuts and Bolts of Affiliate Marketing

To speak in simple terms, affiliate marketing is the process of a referrer earning money for referring customers to a product or service. Affiliate marketing, however, works on a performance-based perspective, meaning only when affiliates actually receive results. That is when they pay. Results can vary in forms of important statistics, including the number of generated clicks, number of referred users and also the number of views an affiliate is able to generate for your offer.

If you’re looking to produce a significant amount of interest in the offers you are presenting by using affiliate marketing, using an affiliate network is one option while recruiting affiliates yourself is also available when deemed necessary. Using an affiliate network, to be discussed below, enjoys several benefits.

The Pros in Using Affiliate Networks

Key benefits in affiliate networks usage are simple:

Piece of Cake Recruiting of Affiliates: You will be able to tap into existing affiliate networks to promote your offers, especially depending on how large the certain affiliate network actually is. Such networks will undoubtedly have many large affiliates, and even having one of these entities join in to endorse your offer will most probably have a massive impact.

Decreased Stress: Easy integration with your product and managing all tracking and payments is handled by most affiliate networks. This brings an end to a variety of stress-producing tasks you would otherwise have to sort through and carry out by setting up necessities and managing the technology vital for you to handle the affiliates.

Assuring Affiliates: Convincing affiliates to become fully committed to recommending your proposal is very difficult, especially if they aren’t 100% certain of being paid. Many businesses, unfortunately, and even including large corporations, have in many cases failed to pay their affiliates their promised commissions even after the affiliates have successfully endorsed their products. Most reliable networks will in fact pay their affiliates even in cases where an advertiser has refused to do so. All in all, assurance provided by affiliate networks to affiliates deliver a decent amount of guarantees for them to endorse your offer.

Easy Tracking and Payment: When you are talking about money, feel safe to trust people to actually try to manipulate your system, and essentially receive a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing. Robust affiliate networks are powerful enough these days to easily handle such manipulations, and thus providing you higher security in the process.

Using affiliate networks in reality enjoys a broader range of benefits. However, experience shows many people are actually most interested in the abovementioned subjects. Going with the correct affiliate network will ensure you enjoying the above compensations.

The Art of Selecting the Correct Affiliate Network for Mobile Apps

After deciding to trek into affiliate marketing with the objective of endorsing your mobile app, it is vital to select the correct affiliate network for your desired and specific purpose. Below are some useful tips in choosing the correct affiliate network for your desired mobile app:

Credibility: The credibility of an affiliate network is just as vital. It can have a dangerous damaging impact on your brand name if an affiliate network fails to treat affiliates properly. Selecting an affiliate network that enjoys credibility and reputation for imposing ethical promotion technique usage by its affiliates is also important. But keep in mind to not damage your brand through affiliates endorsing your app through unethical techniques that fail to meet your principles.

Mobile Friendly: All said and done, the issue at hand is about how to most effectively promote your mobile app. The affiliate network of your choice and desire should of course be mobile-friendly, as it goes without saying. This, however, makes choosing between an old and yet reliable affiliate network in the face of an edgy new affiliate network all the more difficult. Finally, what seriously matters is usability. Sourcengo and other new affiliate networks enjoy the ability to balance reliability with usability, which is at times easier said than done.

Statistics of Existing Affiliates: Other than sparing yourself of a certain headache from having to manage all issues by yourself, if tasks are carried out correctly, a major advantage provided in using affiliate networks is that that they offer support in tapping into the seemingly endless power found in major affiliates. This is available on their network, which otherwise you would not have been able to enlist.

Offer Relevancy: Despite the existence of major and robust affiliate networks capable of providing reliable affiliates spanning across a wide filed of industries, there are those who are actually niche-focused. Such affiliate networks, however, offer the best affiliates in a specific niche. Of course, your demand tells you which you will go for. CloudsWave, for example, is one specimen of a platform capable of successfully spanning a variety of niches. However, they have established a very good reputation for quality service. If you’re seeking to choose a major affiliate network, it is recommended that you follow a similar guideline and principle.

The Importance of Flexibility: As a final word, you should seek an affiliate network that provides flexibility and offers affiliates expanding in a variety of fields and options to endorse your apps. An affiliate network offering you the ability to reward affiliates in accordance to the number of clicks, views, installations, or even down-to-earth actual sales is a highly preferred asset in comparison to an affiliate network that simply tracks clicks.

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